Ruby Mountain Foods and UVE Savory Hub
Present 2022 Onsite Learning

Planned Grazing
March 17-19
Financial Planning
October 18-20
Monitoring & Field Work
June 9-10
Land Planning
October 21-22
Savory Class

Young Ag
Entrepreneur School
July 25-29 (TBA)
Feed Your Family Gardening Bootcamp
April 28-30 2022
Small Scale Food Production Internship
Spring / Summer(TBA)
Ranch Internship

Meet Your Hosts Jared and Selena Sorensen

"Take Care Of The Land And It Will Take Care Of You" Loyd Sorensen

Jared and Selena Sorensen are the parents of 9 amazing children. They are 3rd generation ranchers and strive to honor the heritage they were blessed with. Their love for God has given them an innate desire to be excellent stewards over His creations.

The Sorensen family has over 50 years of ranching experience and is continually improving its practices. Because of their long ranching experience and a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy pastures, they have refined their practices to create the healthiest environment possible for their cattle.

Jared is fluent in Spanish and welcomes Spanish speaking students to classes and internships. 

Stewards of Secret Pass Ranch
Founders of Ruby Mountain Foods

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