Will your business be profitable in 2022?

The Savory Institute and UVE Hub present 
Holistic Financial Planning 

Ranchers and farmers are facing uncertain times. 
* High input costs
*Volatile Markets

What if you could know know at the beginning of the year how the year would end.
Join us for this in person 3 day class to create a custom plan that ensures you will be profitable this year, and for year to come.
For questions or to register additional people from your business contact:
Jared Sorensen 
775-934-0511 jsranch74@gmail.com
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Profit planning for Ag Business Owners:
Build a sustainable business through simple cash-based planning.

You'd probable rather dig post holes than crunch numbers. It's not fun, but what is the cost of not knowing your numbers?

Too many farms and ranches fail because the business owners are too busy doing the $15 / hour work – the fun stuff like checking cattle, planting fields – and neglecting the $100+ / hour work – the not so fun stuff like creating a cash flow budget, or taking a hard look at the overhead expenses.

In this 3-day, in person class Tony Malmberg and Jared Sorensen will help you dive into your numbers, find what is working and what isn't and send you home with the confidence that you can run a business that is profitable AND enjoyable. 

* The class is onsite at the Sorensen Ranch in Clover Valley, NV, about 16 miles south of Wells. We find that in-person is most effective to get the most out of the class. Zoom is great, but getting off your place, in a new environment, around great people, will help you find breakthroughs 

* Class size is limited to allow for individual attention. 

* Limited lodging is available  on a first come, first serve basis. There are great option for lodging in Wells.

* Lunch is provided each day for participants. 

* Additional attendees from the same operation are encouraged to attend. $250 / additional person. 

                DON'T just hope for a profit! 

                                                            Plan for it!
All courses lead to accreditation with the Savory Institute. If you would like to take all of the courses to become an Accredited Professional, are part of onboarding for the Land to Market program, or just want to learn all that Holistic Management has to offer, register here.
 To learn more about becoming certified with Savory
Contact Abbey Smith:

Meet Your Instructors

Jared Sorensen, Associate Professional

I have been married to Selena for 25 years, and we are the parents of nine children. Last year we welcomed our first granddaughter into our family. We are third-generation ranchers, managing the operation my grandfather and father built in Secret Pass and Clover Valley, Nevada. 

I am a lifelong learner and have been applying and teaching principles of Holistic Management, soil regeneration, and biodynamics. We have mentored many young people seeking to get a start in agriculture. Some have gone on to purchase, lease, or manage ranches. We raise and market grass-fed beef, teach onsite and virtual classes, and offer internships on the ranch.

Tony Malmberg, Savory Master Field Professional

I am a lifelong rancher and have refined my practice of Holistic Management since I attended my first course with Allan Savory in 1987. I have extensive ranching and Holistic Management experience in the Northern Great Plains, the sagebrush steppe of Wyoming, and the Nebraska sandhills. I have demonstrated the ability to manage livestock to heal the ecosystem processes while increasing profitability.

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